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Water by the Spoonful

by Quiara Alegría Hudes

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize 2012

November 11- December 3, 2022

At The Vortex, 2307 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722

Somewhere in Philadelphia, Elliot has returned from Iraq and is working at Subway while trying to jump-start his acting career. Scattered throughout the world in chat rooms, recovering addicts keep each other alive, hour by hour, day by day. In this surging drama by Quiara Alegría Hudes (In the Heights), the boundaries of family and community are stretched across continents and cyberspace as birth families splinter and online families collide. Water by the Spoonful is a heartfelt meditation on lives on the brink of redemption.


For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again
by Michel Tremblay

March 17-April2, 2023

Scottish Rite Theater 

For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again is Tremblay’s homage to his mother, who nurtured his imagination, his reclusive reading habits and his love for the theatre and the arts, yet who did not live to witness the performance of Les Belles Soeurs—the first successful play written in joual with which Tremblay legitimized the Quebecois vernacular in the arts—and the world-wide acclaim for her son’s artistic genius. In a compelling balance of humour and poignancy, Tremblay offers glimpses of himself and his mother at five different stages of their lives together, culminating in his reassurance of his dying mother’s concern for him immediately prior to his spectacular success.



by Rita Anderson

June 23-July 15, 2023

World Premiere
At The Vortex, 2307 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722

Born 500 years before Shakespeare, the first female playwright of the Western world, Hrosvitha, wrote from behind the walls of a convent, under the disapproving gaze of her superiors who tried to ensure that no one would ever hear of her--and they almost succeeded.

Assigned to document the history of her 10th century convent at Gandersheim, Hrosvitha aspired for more, creating secret plays in her “spare” time. With the help of an irreverent Muse, Hrosvitha unleashes a secret playfulness and pens closet dramas that broke with tradition to break through the constraints of the time. If you haven’t heard of Hrosvitha before, you will now.

While based on real events, THE ART OF MARTYRDOM (A Comedy) is a tale with a comic, magic-realism bent, and its new eyes on an old world telling will resonate with contemporary audiences.